Thurs Early Bird: Parenting Playlists + Bobby Wants to Play Rec Softball

Sobriety, Parenting, & Life Lessons with Walker Hayes

Singer, song-writer, philanthropist, husband & dad, Walker Hayes, is Amy’s guest this week. This is Walker’s third time on the podcast and this time, Amy & Walker are talking about addiction, sobriety, transfer addiction, parenting, gratitude, & more (like what 3 words Walker would tell his 18-year-old self…this is such a fun question to ask yourself and others too!) 


Walker’s JCP Collection 

Walker’s Non-Alcoholic ‘Fancy Like’ Beer 



HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Walker Hayes // // @WalkerHayes

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Ray Has A New Bedroom Fetish

Ray tried something new in the bedroom last night and let's just say he thinks everyone should try it. Lunchbox was ready to boycott a restaurant after a terrible experience and then something unexpected happened. Ray was on top of the Rory McIlroy rumors before they were being reported all over the place and we have a report from someone who was at the PGA Championship over the weekend. 

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25W: Celtics Steal Game 1 + Ranking the Best 5 Players Remaining + Can We Sing Our Fight Song

After hanging on for an overtime win in game 1, Bobby says the Pacers blew it more than the Celtics won. As part of the Tittle Tattle, Bobby ranks his top 5 players remaining in the playoffs in order, and everyone attempts to sing their favorite school or alma mater's fight song!  


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Wed Post Show (5-22-24)

Bobby talks about Kobayashi retiring as a competitive eater because he says he is no longer hungry. Bobby talked about watching a show that did a study on people losing weight on negative and positive reinforcement incentives. We get an update on our Assassins game. An influencer is busted after sending her twin into work for her so that she could go on vacation. We get into more details about our BBS Olympics.

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Wed Full Show: A Show Member is Going to Hollywood! + Popcorn Shrimp Update

Someone reached out to Bobby about a show member potentially going to Hollywood for a larger role than what Amy had in her "Holiday Harmony" movie. Plus, Bobby gets an update from Eddie's popcorn shrimp challenge, where he said he can eat 108 popcorn shrimp in 30 minutes... and to no surprise, he may back out.

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Wed Early Bird: Eddie Almost Called 911 + Scuba Steve's Dilemma

Eddie almost pulled a Lunchbox and called 911 after he thought someone was robbing a bank. Plus, Scuba Steve doesn't think he needs to go to his kid's kindergarten graduation and the show debates whether or not he should go.

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Tues Post Show (5-21-24)

Bobby talks about throwing for the first time after injuring his shoulder. Bobby was surprised at how athletic Eddie’s son is. We get into a discussion of nature vs nurture when it comes to athletic ability. Then we build our perfect athletic challenge event for all the guys to compete in.

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Tues Full Show: Ghost Stories + Someone Got Assassinated

After "Friends" star, Country Cox said she still gets visit from Matthew Perry since he passed away, the show discusses whether or not they believe in spirits visiting them after someone dies. Plus, someone has already been assassinated after a show member was waiting for them to get home from the gym!

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Tues Early Bird: Our Favorite TV Show + Lunchbox Spotted as a Celebrity

As part of the get to know you question of the day, Bobby goes around the room to find out everyone's favorite TV show of all-time. Plus, Lunchbox claims he was stopped by fans in Atlanta because he is a celebrity and has the audio to prove it! 

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