Lunchbox Prank Called A Funeral Home To Ask For "A Real Skeleton"

It doesn't matter how old you get, prank calls will always give you a little laugh. This is Lunchbox's intention every time he makes a prank call, and typically he gives the person on the other end of the phone a little laugh too.

Today (October 28) Lunchbox shared with The Bobby Bones Show, two prank calls. For his first prank call, he called the popular fast food chain Panda Express. He called them acting like they showed real pandas in express form. He kept asking the woman employee on the other end of the phone when he could come in to see and feed the pandas there. The woman was really patient with him and just kept giggling. Ultimately, she told him that's not what they do there and hung up before he could argue about it some more.

His next call though was in theme with the Halloween holiday coming up this weekend. He prank called a funeral home and shared that his neighbors didn't believe his Halloween decorations looked real enough and he needed a real skeleton to beef things up. The man employee told him that selling or giving away their corpses is totally against the law and it's not something they would ever do. Lunchbox tried to convince him that he just needed to borrow something, even a limb, but the employee was stern. He said that definitely wasn't going to happen, though he did laugh at the beginning of the ask.