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What's Dolly Parton's Secret To Staying Mentally Fit?

Dolly Parton has joked that her desire to stay looking youthful has caused her plastic surgeons to age, but the superstar's liveliness isn't only skin deep.

At 75 years old, Dolly is smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, and more clever than ever.

In an interview with Cody Alan, Dolly revealed her secret to staying mentally fit.  

"I love to read," says the "Jolene" singer. "I don't watch a lot of television, so when I do relax, I like to read a good book. I just read whatever is out there, some of the old classics or something with friends. We pass books back and forth. I try and stay in tune."

"One of my favorite sayings about myself is, "I am as old as yesterday and as new as tomorrow," laughs the singer. "I'm lucky enough to have all of these nieces and nephews who are young and smart, and they still love me, and they love being a part of my life. They share that with me, so I just stay in tune and go with the flow. I don't stress myself out about it."

Thanks to Dolly Parton, Cody Alan, and The Crew are all cracking into the books and calling up our younger family members!

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