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Morgan Wade Reflects On ‘Wilder Days’ & Finds Inspiration

If you love country rock, you will love Morgan Wade.

The Virginia native arrives on the country music scene with an unapologetic approach to raw honesty in her lyrics, vulnerability in her voice, and inspirational reflection. Her lyrics strike a heavy chord.

She is a name that everyone will know soon enough.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Morgan sat down to reveal the inspiration behind her current album, ‘Reckless’ featuring her latest single, “Wilder Days.”

“I wrote this album over like a two-year period,” says Morgan. “So, it was just, honestly, an autobiography of where I was at for two years and kind of what I was experiencing…It was all super real. It wasn’t exactly about me. It was someone close to me that I had spent a lot of time with. It’s real.”

“Is “Wilder Days” about someone in particular?” asked Cody.

Yeah! It’s a little of this and a little of that,” says Morgan. “Essentially just meeting someone that you thought was the right person it just happened to be the wrong time. Wishing you would have met someone a little sooner, but it didn’t exactly happen like that, so you had a good time while you did.”

While the end of a love story is never easy, Morgan digs into the why’s and offers up a reflective side to love gone wrong. Listen to the power in her delivery by clicking the music video below. 

Tune in and catch Morgan on the radio with Cody Alan every Wednesday throughout the month of November. Find your station at www.CMTCody.com

Photo Credit: David McClister / Sony. 

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