Randoms-Tiger Kings' Carol Baskin Face Masks, Super Dad, Legally Blonde 3


Super dad …Torrence Burson of Memphis, Tennessee, wanted to make sure his daughter, Gabrielle, got the graduation ceremony she deserved. Gabrielle received her bachelor's degree from Xavier University in New Orleans, and since she couldn’t walk the stage to get her diploma, Torrance built her one. Not only did he craft a full-on stage in their driveway, but he even had a program for the day complete with presenters, a loudspeaker playing "The Graduation March," and neighbors out on the street. "I was just in awe," said Gabrielle. "I was amazed. I couldn't believe a lot of people showed up. People were driving by yelling congratulations." Gabrielle plans to join the Air National Guard before going back to school to become an Epidemiologist. She said she wants to work for the CDC. (Fox 13 Memphis)

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens!” Is your face mask fashion game a little boring? Why not take a walk on the wild side with a Carole Baskin original design?! Yep, theTiger King star is now selling masks. For $11 each, you can choose between a black or leopard print face mask -- complete with her famous greeting and a big cat nose, mouth and whiskers. Part of the proceeds will go directly to her Tampa Big Cat Rescue, which she claims is losing $160,000 a month in revenue since the pandemic forced them to close. If you’re interested, the masks are available on the Tread365 website. (NY Daily News)

Blonde is back ...It’s been two years since Reese Witherspoon teased that she would be reprising her role as Elle Woods for Legally Blonde 3, and fans have been anxiously awaiting more details. While all filming in Hollywood is currently on hold,ET has just reported that Mindy Kaling has signed on to co-write the script with Dan Goor, a writer forParks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Oh, this is gonna be so good! (Glamour)

As the country begins to slowly open up, the question of how to dine at restaurants safely is a huge issue. Sure, you can wear a mask walking in and out of your favorite eatery, but you can’t exactly wear one while eating … until now. Israeli inventors have created a face mask specifically for eating in public, and it looks a whole lot like a Pac-Man mouth!

They’ve taken a standard surgical mask and added a simple mechanism that allows the mask to open with each bite. You just have to be able to eat with one hand. You simply squeeze the lever with one hand and the Pac-Man mouth opens up to allow food in. It’s a great idea, but still might need some tweaking, especially if you order something messy … (Daily Motion)

For a smile …Denver-based healthcare worker Tate Hegstrom has gone viral with his cover of Bill Withers’ "Lean on Me" – with a little help from his husky, Kovu. That dog has some serious vibrato. (Pop Sugar

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