Hunter Hayes Opens Up About 'False Sense Of Loneliness' In Instagram Post

Photo: Getty Images

Hunter Hayes is heading into the Valentine’s Day season ready to combat “a false sense of loneliness” — and he’s helping others do the same.

Hayes announced on his social media channels that he’s set to release another set of two new songs from his forthcoming era of music will release on February 9. The country singer-songwriter deems “Normal” and “Lonely Loves Me” the “two most vulnerable songs from Red Sky,” his highly-anticipated new project.

“Hear Me Out - Valentines day (for me) can sometimes create a false sense of loneliness,” Hayes shared on Instagram. “So, I want to release the two most vulnerable songs from Red Sky for anyone who may relate to these songs as a reminder 1-you’re not alone 2-it gets better.”

Hayes repeated the February 9 release date, teasing: “I would also maybe mark on your calendar for … some other big news… More on that later 😎”

“Normal” and “Lonely Gets Me” will be the latest two tracks to release from Hayes’ long-awaited Red Sky era, following “Sober” and “Someone Will,” which released together earlier this month. At that time, Hayes said in a Q&A that he “can’t say quite yet” when his album will be available to preorder, but it’s “on the horizon. Put it this way: I know when it is. I just can’t tell you yet. And that’s a good feeling to actually know when the date is.” He also confirmed that the album is “done,” after about four years of working on it (there was no word as of publication time on Tuesday, however, whether Hayes’ teaser referred to the album announcement). Listen to Hayes’ latest two songs again below:


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