Did Nessie Escape? Loch Ness Monster Filmed In American Waters

Photo: Getty Images

There are over 30,000 lochs in Scotland, but there's only one that most people know by name, Loch Ness, and it's all thanks to the rumored monster that lives there. Year after year, there are Nessie sightings at the freshwater lake, but now people are wondering if she left the U.K. and headed stateside. That's because a new video showing a Nessie-like creature was just filmed in an inlet in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

A charter captain captured the beast on camera and a company he works with, Chasin Tails Outdoor Bait & Tackle, posted the footage to their Facebook page. In their caption they point out how it is "something you don't see everyday," and questioned if what is captured on the video are "whales or the Loch Ness Monster." As for what's in the clip, it shows what looks like an enormous serpent making its way through the water.

Commenters were just as perplexed by the footage. One wrote, "Now that is strange. Odd looking head for sure." Others suggested what it could be, like a "gator," a "manatee" or a "baby whale," but many disagreed with those possibilities saying things like, "No way it is any of the animals mentioned... It's motion is too graceful, it has protrusions on head and a long feather-like flipper in the rear. I honestly don't know any sea creature that fits that description."

As yet, there has been no official word of what was in the inlet, nor have there been any further sightings of the strange creature.

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