Ingrid Andress Explains Why She Wishes She Broke Up With Her Ex Sooner

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Ingrid Andress shared a heartfelt letter to a younger version of herself as she marks a milestone for one of her latest songs, “Seeing Someone Else.”

Andress released the song earlier this year before she included it on her latest album, Good Person, which released last month. “Seeing Someone Else” quickly became a fan-favorite on the 13-track project. It observes what happens when one person in a relationship grows and the other doesn’t see them for the person they’ve become: “I think you're seeing someone else/ I think you're seeing who I used to be/ I bet you wish I was the girl that you met/ Out at a bar, makin' a mess, still 23/ And if you're honest with yourself/ You know you're hanging on the history, yeah, yeah/ You say you're still in love/ But it's so obvious when you look at me/ I think you're seeing someone else/ Woah, woah, yeah/ Woah, woah”

Now, Andress proudly shared that “Seeing Someone Else” is her first song impacting at Hot AC and is resonating deeply with fans. She reflected on writing it at a time that she “wasn’t feeling seen,” and encouraged others to surround yourself with people who make you feel seen and help YOU see you for the beautiful person you are,” she wrote on Instagram on Monday (September 26).

That’s why Andress, 31, shared a her letter to her 23-year-old self, to serve as a reminder. Read her note — signed with love from “Ingrid Present” — here:

“First of all, enjoy your drinking tolerance while you have it, because it’s about to go away very soon. Also enjoy not owning a house while you can, because they are a pain in the a** sometimes. But mostly, I need you to do something very important for me, and it’s not going to be easy, and you’ll probably be stubborn and not listen (you’ll still be that way when you’re older, unfortunately). I need you to stop seeing the person you’re seeing right now, because they are not seeing you for the beautiful person you’re becoming. You’re about to embark on a long, crazy, adventurous journey to becoming an artist, and they are holding you back from starting. Your loyalty is one of my favorite qualities you have, but in this situation, it’s time to think about what’s best for YOU. With every year, you discover something new about yourself, and you grow. This person is not discovering the same things you are, and it’s incredibly difficult to be in a healthy relationship that means something if you aren’t growing together. So do me a favor: Save us both some time and heartache and tell this person goodbye. Kindly, of course. I believe in you and future you. Not so much in your culinary skills, because sadly, they’re not getting better with time either. I’m sorry.”

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