Saying goodbye to a good friend...Lonnie Sweet.

Lonnie Sweet was my friend from the moment we met. We took a trip to Oklahoma City together with a Shell Card that was not honored west of the Mississippi River back then and $8 cash between us. We made a trip to Sarasota to finalize some very special legal documents. He had a presence and this cigarette smokey voice that didn't ask for your demanded it. Lonnie was an incredible drummer. Lonnie and his brother Ronnie played with country duo Lonzo & Oscar. He performed on Hee Haw and pretty much every venue up and down the east coast. Lonnie was a coach chauffeur...he drove buses for the stars. One day when I was doing a live remote from a furniture store in Somerset...I see this big Johnny Paycheck tour bus pull up...then I see Lonnie step out and walk in. He said he heard me on the radio and thought he would stop and see me. During a break...he invited me on the bus. I asked if Mr. Paycheck was aboard and he said, "Yeah...he's in the back. Wanna look at him?" Look at him? I crack the door and there is Johnny Paycheck on the bed snoring like a lion. So in a way...I met Johnny Paycheck. We got a big laugh out of that. He later drove for Kenny Chesney and for a long while for Tim McGraw. I was playing cards with Lonnie the night Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm. Lonnie placed his cards on the table and moved to the TV where we watched and listened carefully. Lonnie broke the silence with, "Ain't that some s#!t". I'm going to miss seeing his name pop up on my phone. Miss hearing that, "Who the hell is this?". Cheers to my friend.

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