...I am trying to convince my mother to have her massive oak trees cut and removed from her yard. If one fell...it would destroy her house or her neighbor's homes. A lightening strike Monday while she was out is another good reason for removing the tallest trees in the subdivision. A lightening strike hit one of the mighty oaks...sent the energy down the tree and out the roots. Burned lines in the grass show where the roots run. One ran to and under the corner of her house. It blew out a corner of the concrete slab and as you can see in this photo...blew out a chunk of concrete halfway between the corner...and her GAS LINE! I found pieces of concrete and brick 15 feet from this "blast site"...like a grenade...this exploded. The only damage inside the house was a framed picture that was knocked off the wall. Glad Mom was not home. Hope there are still people that are interested in 45 year old straight...tall...oak timber for lumber...Mom said she would miss her shade. I told her I would buy her two umbrellas.