...was in this theater in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The Lane Theater was a magical place for a 4 year old. Bambi was the movie but the story that is shared most often was the drive to the movie. My mother had a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang. The front seats did not latch. If you wanted to get in the back seat...you simply leaned the front bucket seat forward and hopped in the back seat. So I am riding in the back seat...center...and Mom hit the brakes hard and ZOOM...Baby Bubba is Superman for a split second. My flight comes to a sudden stop with my head hitting the AM radio. I had to console my poor mother that was crying harder than I was. She wanted to go back home she was so rattled. I knew if I didn't dry it up fast...I wouldn't be getting any popcorn so...I convinced her I was fine and we should go on. Except for the two circles on my forehead and DROF branded between the circles...I was fine. (Spoiler alert) Bambi's mom gets capped.