When I was in first grade at Hogue Elementary School (no longer open)...I was introduced to a brand new vegetable...BROCCOLI! I had never seen broccoli...let alone tasted it. The cooks at Hogue would butter it up and salt it just right...boiled it just short of falling apart. I thought it was the most wonderful non-meat food I had ever tried. I started noticing that the other kids were sending their trays back to the kitchen (we didn't have a cafeteria so we had to bring our food back to our desk) fully loaded with their uneaten broccoli. Something else I noticed...on broccoli day...we also got a firm, jiggling slab of lime Jello. I wasn't very fond of the lime dessert...and I sure did want me some more broccoli...so I started trading my Jello for broccoli. I only wish I had more Jello...because I had lots of kids wanting it...and not their broccoli. I eventually got anyone's broccoli that didn't want it. I still think back to those days...in Mrs. Heaton's first grade class...sharpening pencils because I couldn't read...dusting erasers by the fence because I wouldn't listen...and baby teeth stained green by my new favorite veggie...broccoli!