Back when you had to stand in line to get tickets for concerts...that is what I did to get nose bleed seats (upper arena in the back) at Rupp Arena to see The Charlie Daniels Band back in 1982 for his WIndows Tour. Flash forward 20 years to a night at The Center here in Somerset. I am standing on stage introducing the man and his band...surreal. Had anyone told that 19 year old boy back in '82 that one day...would he not only be close enough to see who was on stage but actually bring him on stage...I think he would have probably said a two syllable word that starts with B and ends with T. I got to tell Mr. Daniels that story backstage and I had him sign my ticket stub from '82. He said, "Ain't time a funny thing?" ... patted me on the back and walked to his dressing room. Time is a funny thing...and I am enjoying it's passage!