CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT (CCM+E) has signed an exclusive, long-term agreement with award-winning Country radio personality BOBBY BONES to renew and expand his relationship with the company.

Under the new agreement, BONES will ...continue hosting PREMIERE’s nationally syndicated “THE BOBBY BONES SHOW,” based out of CLEAR CHANNEL Country WSIX/NASHVILLE and currently airing on 70 additional stations. Additionally, BONES will continue hosting weekend programs, “COUNTRY TOP 30 WITH BOBBY BONES” and FOX SPORTS RADIO’s “BOBBY BONES.”

“In just over a year BOBBY and his morning show crew have proven they have a remarkable talent for entertaining and engaging the Country music community, while driving results for our partners,” said CLEAR CHANNEL CEO BOB PITTMAN. “We’re committed to providing the best and most relevant programming to diverse audiences across AMERICA, and “THE BOBBY BONES SHOW” connects with listeners across multiple platforms. BOBBY is an incredible talent and we look forward to collaborating on many exciting projects to come.”

BONES will also continue to work with CCM+E on a variety of joint ventures including multimedia projects and events, as well as the expansion of his top-rated radio programs.

"The past year with CLEAR CHANNEL and PREMIERE has been a tremendous ride," said BONES. "I started dreaming about a career in radio when I was about five years old -- if I’d known it was going to work out this well, I’d have started earlier. The whole crew on 'THE BOBBY BONES SHOW' is grateful for the support we’ve received from BOB PITTMAN, RICH BRESSLER, DARREN DAVIS, JULIE TALBOTT, JENNIFER LEIMGRUBER, ROD PHILLIPS and CLAY HUNNICUTT. We look forward to keeping it real with our audience as we grow.”