...this is my 5th attempt at supplying my insurers with all documents that allow my family coverage. Sent all the info in a month ago. Yesterday I get a letter in the mail saying my marriage license, my daughter's birth certificate and our 2013 tax returns are all "not legible". So...with a July 5th deadline looming large...I gathered all the information yet again...I scanned, photographed, saved as a pdf & jpg and sent them as digital uploads and faxed them as well. I thought about sending them some wedding photos and a picture of our daughter holding her birth certificate...but the older-wiser-more mature me tapped the brakes on that. I find that folks further up the food chain appreciate my humor less and less. So...with all documents received and being verified...lets hope that I may continue my higher payments for less coverage and higher deductibles in order to cover my family and me with the greatest medical coverage I can afford...and still keep a bit of gas in the Jeep and a roof over our heads. Patiently awaiting a request for a urine, stool and blood sample...got'em boxed and ready!