WEIRD NEWS: Teen's $300,000 Domino's Order

A high school student in England was up late one night and got a little hungry, so he called Domino's and placed an order. He never expected it to cost him $300,000.

Nathaniel Bolwell ordered a pizza, some drinks and some sides and charged it to his credit card. However, the next time he tried to use the card he was informed that it was overdrawn. Apparently, the Domino's employee who took his order made a huge mistake and instead of charging him $30, he charged him $300,000. What's truly amazing is that Bolwell's bank saw the charge and instead of wondering if he really could have spent $300,000 at Domino's, they charged him anyway.

In the end, the mistake was credited and Bolwell paid $30 for his late night snack. (Coed Magazine)